About Our Company

For superior screen printing services delivered on time, every time, turn to us. No Dress Code Studios is a family-owned art studio and screen printing company located in Erie, PA. Our team treats each project we take on with exceptional care, whether it’s an order for 2 t-shirts or more.

Our Mission

Many people think that screen printing is something that anyone can do. In truth, screen printing or serigraphy is art. Like all art forms, screen printing requires talent, dedication, and know-how to do well. We strive to change people’s view of what screen printing really is. We do this by holding classes on screen printing and by providing information to people who are interested in this type of art.

We’re happy to have been featured on YourErie.com. Click here to read the article online.

Meet Roman & Kristen

Roman and Kristen are a creative and hardworking couple, both born and raised in Erie, PA, with 3 children. Roman has been an artist for more than 15 years and started screen printing when he was just a little boy. He has studied art in Florence, Italy, and New York, and he has had numerous opportunities to work and study with amazing artists throughout his career. Roman’s passions are fine art and cartoon work. Since launching his career, he has worked with the owners of Jr.’s Last Laugh. He has also participated in many local Erie Events. Kristen is a professional with a passion for business administration. Meticulous and with a keen eye for detail, she is skilled at accounting, multi-tasking, and record-keeping. Her previous jobs gave her the experience and knowledge that have helped make her into the person that she is today.

How it All Came Together

In 2010, Roman and Kristen’s careers led them to Wilmington, NC. During that time, they each chose a path that would further their careers and add to their experiences. Roman and Kristen enjoyed their time there. However, they eventually decided they needed to roll up their sleeves and start making their dream of having their own business come true. As a result of their drive and entrepreneurial spirit, Roman and Kristen were able to start their own business. They surrounded themselves with like-minded people who believed in their goals and shared their values. Roman and Kristen founded No Dress Code Studios more than 4 years ago, and it has since become a valued part of the Erie art community.

Explore the art of screen printing today. Give us a call at 814-315-0318 to learn more about our studio and our services. You may also email us for any questions.

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